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you will ever drink.

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Super Premium Coffee

Café́colate is a super premium coffee, provided in a blend with dark roast and light roast coffee beans. As a patent pending blend of pure roasted cacao and these extremely select and rare coffee beans, along with small amounts of natural, flavorless emulsifiers, Café́colate is the world’s rarest coffee, rarer even than Kopi Luwak (picked from civet droppings and a very smooth coffee) and Black Ivory Coffee – literally hand picked out of pachyderm poop.  Cafécolate is produced by only one inventor/preparer in the world prior to instant packaging and shipping in sealed, 12 ounce gas-relief packaging.  Cafécolate offers a complexity and smoothness not matched by any coffee, ever before.

Split Cacao Fruit for chocolate coffee

Split Cacao Fruit chocolate coffee

While the neophyte may call Café́colate chocolate coffee, or coffee with chocolate, and we often do for the sake of introduction, cacao coffee is a more exact term, and is indicative of the health benefits Café́colate provides, as cacao furnishes naturally occurring compounds not found in chocolate, and, if found in chocolate, in far lesser quantities.

For the most demanding connoisseur

The second type of Cafécolate is coffee only from literally a secret bean which we call Corazoń because it is truly the Sweetheart of all coffee beans, from which we therefore derive Cafécolate Corazoń.  This bean is wild grown in only one extremely small area of the world, which we keep secret, picked by hand by a very few pickers, and then carried back down the mountain.  The plants are as pictured, scattered through the mountain forest and not in a “coffee plantation”.  In tiny annual harvests, this is the rarest and best bean known to us, and also provides the smoothest, richest taste known.  Cafécolate Corazoń offers the most unique coffee you will ever taste.  With such an extremely limited bean crop, we cannot possibly always provide Corazoń Cafécolate.  To avoid disappointment to others or yourself, we suggest ordering when we have this bean in stock.

As one customer states, “You have redefined coffee!” 

Even the purist may still enjoy Cafécolate with cream, milk, half & half, or fat free half & half and a sweetener added. It is a totally different drink.  Cafécolate offers a complexity and smoothness not matched by any coffee, ever before.  A strong brew yields a bolder taste yet virtually no added bitterness.  People are talking about Cafécolate.

IMPORTANT:  Due to our unique patent pending procedures and formulation cafecolate is offered only fresh ground.  We package and seal within approximately 2 minutes after production !  Cafécolate is Gluten free.